And I'm Finally Here

As with most people these days, I (sadly) spend an inordinate amount of my time online. I consume just about every piece of information through some sort of device that can connect to the internet. I download. I upload. And I do just about everything else in between. But it is without saying that despite this, my online footprint is not as widespread as it ought to be (and though I didn't mean for it to be this way, it's actually quite nice). I reach far and wide, but always with some level of restraint and anonymity, because the internet -- though friendly and supportive in some places -- is really the World Wild West (baddum...tsssh!). Also, I don't have the time to manage a diva-like online presence. Having an Instagram account, along with Facebook (which I don't really use that often, save for messaging family and friends who all live in different parts of the planet), and now a website(!) already seems like a lot of work.

This foray into the webbie world all started when I ran out of characters whilst writing a commentary on one of my Instagram photos. Over the years, I've found myself writing longer and longer texts that aim to explain, enlighten and provide sufficient context to the photos I share with the world. Sometimes, photos speak for themselves. Sometimes, a little bit of prose can do it wonders. And sometimes, a lot more is needed to be able to convey one's thoughts and sentiments on the matter at hand. Or maybe, I just ramble too much, and Instagram was having none of it. In any case, this is really how Girl Meets Fjord was born.

Truth-be-told, I'm not entirely certain what I will be writing about, but I guess, that's all part of the process. All I know is I am fond of sharing my ideas and thoughts, (mis)adventures, and all the stuff I've learned along the way these last 30-odd years, about life as a transplant, a nomad, a new mother, and homemaker in Norway.

By the by, I am nowhere near claiming to being an expert in any of the above themes but I suppose my first-hand experience gives me enough creds to have an opinion or two about them?

Thanks again for dropping by and stay tuned for my next post, which I hope will be up and out sooner than later.